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The Profound Treasury of the Ocean of Dharma and The Treasury of Knowledge

Prajna, or genuine insight, develops through study, contemplation, and meditation. Through study you learn the causes of happiness and suffering, bondage and liberation. Contemplation makes this knowledge personal and gives direction to your meditation practice and post-meditation conduct. Meditation, guided by study and contemplation, transforms understanding into experience. Gradually, experience transforms into realization.


The goal of study is to give students a comprehensive understanding of the frameworks of the three yanas, along with direct insights into their meaning. This will form a basis for further study and for teaching the dharma to others.


Each study-period day will include a main program talk for the whole community on themes from the three-volume Profound Treasury of the Ocean of Dharma and other teachings by Trungpa Rinpoche, supplemented by more material from the tradition. On some days there will be elective classes, and on others there will be small group tutorials. A typical day’s schedule during study periods will also include three or four hours of meditation.

Frameworks of the Three Yanas


Framework of the Foundational Vehicle


The view: egolessness of the individual

The meditation: shamatha-vipashyana with

   emphasis on taming the mind

The conduct: abandoning nonvirtue;

   practicing virtue


Framework of the Mahayana

The view: emptiness and compassion

The meditation: shamatha-vipashyana with

   emphasis on insight into emptiness; tonglen

The conduct: practicing the paramitas


Framework of the Vajrayana


The view: equality and purity

The meditation: the path of method and


The conduct: sacred outlook

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