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Members of the Three Yanas Society

Top row from left: Lynn Friedman, Rhea Colmar, Patty Livingston. Middle row: Molly De Shong, Derek Kolleeny, Andy Karr. Bottom row: Crane Stookey, Larry Mermelstein, Otto Pichlhöfer. Not pictured: Adrienne Chang, Colin Stubbert, Julia Sagebien, and Nancy Huszagh.

The organizers of the Three Yanas Intensive are a group of students—young, old, and in-between—who are inspired to make Trungpa Rinpoche’s approach to deep study and practice available to future generations of practitioners.


We are seeking input, critique, collaboration, insight, and inspiration from anyone who shares this inspiration.

  • Adrienne Chang

  • Andy Karr

  • Colin Stubbert

  • Crane Stookey

  • Derek Kolleeny

  • Julia Sagebien

  • Larry Mermelstein

  • Lynn Friedman

  • Molly De Shong

  • Nancy Huszagh

  • Otto Pichlhoefer

  • Patty Livingston

  • Rhea Colmar

The teachers, tutors, and coordinators for the retreats will be people who have trained extensively with Trungpa Rinpoche, or his senior students, and have continued to practice and study up to the present.

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